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While building my web page, I wanted :

Welcome to my web site!


For an easy navigation, use the links on the right hand-side of the screen. You will also find three links on the upper right-hand side of the screen, named home, map and contact. The first link brings you back to the home page, the second one shows you a map, from which you can reach any one of the page hosted by culot.org. Following the last link gives you all the contact information with which you can reach me.


With the online version of my Resume (follow the Resume link in the navigation panel) you will find a detailed description of my professional experiences.
To obtain a shorter and printable version of my Resume (pdf format), please contact me (Contact) link on the upper right side of the page).


CalCurse is an electronic calendar which uses a text-based interface. It is a software I wrote in C language. Writing computer programs is one of my passions, and I also wanted to write some code to contribute to the expansion of the Open Source movement. Thus I developped this small piece of software, hoping it would be usefull to someone else. It is distributed under the GPL licence, meaning you can use and distribute it as you want (do not hesitate to contact me for more information about the licence).

To Do...

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to update my web site as often as I would like to... Thus, I could not translate my entire site in English. Anyway, most of the part related to Calcurse is written in English. If I have more free time I will translate other parts too.