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Calcurse - TODO


A new web site was set up for the calcurse project and the current page was kept for historical reasons but is not updated anymore. Here is the link to the new calcurse website: http://calcurse.org

TODO (included in the tarball)

 Calcurse TODO list :

Here are listed the modifications I will perform on Calcurse in future
releases. They are ordered into three different parts, depending on the
priority. Feel free to send me an email (see the AUTHORS file) if you
would like to see a feature added in Calcurse which does not appear in
this list.

  *  Add support for UTF-8
  *  Implement the send-item functionality to export a single item and pipe it
     to an external process
  *  Add a key binding to toggle between visible/hidden tasks inside todo
  *  Add an optional argument to the --next flag to check for next appointment
     starting from the specified time
  *  Improve the way one can specify a duration (allowing something like
  *  Implement word-wrap in the sidebar

  *  Add support for CalDAV protocol (rfc4791)
  *  Add support for ical's BYDAY recursion modifier (to express recurrences
     like 'every monday' for example)
  *  Implement user-definable categories to classify appointments and tasks
  *  Implement copy/paste functionality
  *  Implement support for a journal

  *  All status bars should be terminal-size dependant (config_bar is not)
  *  Compute Easter sunday